Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cruising Attitude


(I wish this book had come from the library before my recent travels, because it would have been a fun airport/airplane read. The stories are interesting and made me realize that there's more to being a flight attendant  than I ever realized!)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Forever After


(This was one of those awesome books I couldn't put down. I loved the link of history between the characters and flew through Deborah's book in a day.)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Catch a Falling Star


(I really enjoyed this light read. I felt the end wrapped up a little quickly but overall it was delightful. The camaraderie between the two main characters had me chuckling time after time- Lynette is definitely an author I will check out in the future!)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Magic of Mothers & Daughters


(I'm a fan of the Chicken Soup books. They are great for travel! There weren't too many stories in here that I really loved, and a few I skipped.)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Becoming Sister Wives


(This was an intriguing read. While their lifestyle is not one I would choose to live, the story of the evolvement of their family is interesting. It will be interesting to see how the children of this large family choose to live in future years.)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pleasant Surprises


(This was definitely a quick read, but it felt kind of "blah". There wasn't enough depth to the characters, in my mind.)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trauma Plan


(This was a long-awaited book for me, and I really enjoyed it! Candace Calvert is quickly becoming one of my top authors.)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just Like Family


(As a nanny, this book was extremely interesting to me. I found it randomly at a bookstore for fairly cheap, and have two people waiting to read it now that I'm done reading. I was mentioning it to another nanny friend, who said she read it a few summers ago- and still remembers it! I marked my copy up like nothing else- there were SO many things I could relate to. A must read for someone considering a move to the nanny field!)